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Friday, 8 July 2011

Day 147 Tuesday 05.07.2011
Location:  Tunnel Terminal, Calais
We set the alarm for 5.30am it’s just a short drive to the Tunnel Terminal but you do have to go onto the A16.
We arrived at the Tunnel Terminal a bit early and managed to change our departure time from 8.50am to 7.49am.
We actually drove past the Motorhome parking area at Cite Europe after we had checked in for our train.
The train only takes 35 minutes and as the UK is one hour behind France we were back in the UK by 7.30am.
Since leaving the UK in February we have travelled a total of 5316 miles.

Parking at Tunnel Terminal

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  1. Just like to say, thank you very much for blogging your trip (holiday) All I can say is very jealous. And its giving me itchy feet.

    Thanks again

  2. I have just read your blog from start to finish. I'm new to motorhoming and hope that one day MOH and I will be able to do a trip like this. Thank you for sharing your trip with us and for all the photos and information about the places you stopped at. You certainly stayed at some beautiful places.

  3. Hi Both. It's been so busy here I have only just managed to get up to date on the final parts of your trip. Hope you are both well and settled back in the yUK. Any plans for another trip out, are we likely to bump into each other again?

  4. I actually enjoyed reading through this posting. Many thanks.

    Campervan Europe

  5. Hello you two intrepid travellers �� from jac, geoff & seve the Spanish pooch �� have a fabulously fun & sunny winter �� xxx