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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

We'll shortly be leaving for our trip to Europe, we're planning to spend 6 months possibly longer travelling. We'll be leaving on 9th February on the tunnel, we don't have any real plans about the route we'll take.
We were planning to spend some time in Portugal but we may decide to give this a miss due to the electronis tolls and the difficulties visitors who are out there have had obtaining the electronic box required to travel on these roads.
We hope to travel through France and spend time in Spain, Germany and possibly Portugal.
We drive a Dethleffs Esprit I7870 Six Wheeler 5000kg on an alko chassis, it's left hand drive and Lynne enjoys the suicide seat when we drive in the UK. We also tow a chevolet matiz on and A-frame but won't be taking this to Europe as we are hoping to stay on Aires.

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  1. Don't worry too much about the tolls in Portugal. While we were told we needed an electronic box for those roads, when we actually drove those roads nearly all of them allowed us to enter and exit the roads with either a ticket/payment system or with no stopping at all.

    The caveat with that is that we were willing to "brassneck" it if we were caught, and in fact the only time it backfired was once when we saw a "collect a ticket" system on the tolls we drove through the "we have a box" lane by accident then had to pay 40 Euros when we reached the pay point and explained we needed an ticket or it would be the full amount.