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Monday, 14 February 2011

Day 1  Weds 09.02.2011

Location: Gravelines Aire,   Rue Du Port, Gravelines, France
Long / Lat : N 50º59.335’           E 2º07.367’

Nice Aire by marina, parking only no service point but bins for rubbish and no charge for parking.  Well lit and quiet at night.

Parking bays are approx 28 feet long and there is a dirt embankment at the rear of the parking bay so you cannot overhang the bays .Larger motorhomes could park on side of the road by marina at a push.

We arrived in France via the channel tunnel 09.55 and headed just over the border to Adinkerke in Belgium for cheap tobacco.  Really easy to find the street but we didn’t see the Stop and Shop store until we were driving out but there are loads of shops selling tobacco and chocolate.
Headed back into France and stayed the night in the Gravelines Aire not far from Dunkerque. Both really tired because we work up ridiculously early and sat waiting to leave for Dover .

Gonna have an early night and hopefully push on south tomorrow.
Gravelines Aire

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