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Monday, 21 February 2011

Day 13 Mon 21.02.2011

Location: ACSI Regio Campsite, Sta Marta de Tormes, Salamanca

Long / Lat N40º56.53’ W005º36.53’
N40.94819, W5.61459
We left Haro before 8.00 am, it had rained during the night and we churned up the grass a bit before the van finally moved.
Headed for Salamanca to the Regio campsite, we had several stops and the journey took about five hours. It was an easy drive dual carriageway most of the way once we had cleared Burgos.
The campsite is located behind the Hotel Regio, out of season the campsite reception is closed so you check in at the hotel, helpful English speaking receptionist.  The location is ideal for a stop over if you are entering Portugal on the A62. Once again we avoided toll roads.
The site has seen better days but is ok for a stopover. The pitches are surrounded by small trees, some with low branches so we had to careful where we parked. The site wouldn’t be suitable for RV’s.
You can use the hotels Wi-Fi free of charge in the reception area or the restaurant. Campsite residents are offered a discount of 10% in the restaurant, not sure if we will eat there as they don’t start serving until 8.00pm and we are both very tired (we have also lost the sat signal so no TV tonight) we will probably be asleep by 7.30If Paul is very good I might let him watch a DVD.

                                                                    Regio Campsite

Regio Campsite

Our route so far

Entrance to campsite

Camping Regio's Big Bird Next To Our Pitch


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  1. Hi Lynne and Paul. Last time we spoke you were going to Cornwall. Judging by your map and blog, you took a wrong turn. Glad you are enjoying yourselves and getting early nights - burning the candle at one end is enough at your age. Just an idea, if you are about in July, lots of the guests for Jo's wedding are camping so you could make a bomb by hiring out your shower and cooking bacon butties. Let us know if you want the franchise. Love from David, Gail, Neil and Joanne