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Monday, 14 February 2011

Day 5 Sun 13.02.2011

Location St Thomas De Conac Aire 

Long / Lat  N45º25.824’ W0 00º42.365’
The Aire is free, water 2€ for 100 ltr.
Before we set off this morning Paul walked into the town to get croissants and bread. We set off just after 9.00 and headed for an ACSI campsite that is open all year. Due to the new road layout on the N10 both sat navs went a bit crazy as they thought we were driving off road.
When we arrived the campsite it was shut due to a problem with the electricity so we headed for our back up an Aire at St Thomas De Conac, once again we drove through some towns with very narrow streets, we have still not driven on any toll roads.
We drove through some beautiful countryside, lots of vineyards and orchards.
The Aire is in a very rural location next to a small river with a pleasant view, we watched some hunters remove a deer from their vehicle and hang it up to butcher it.
When we pulled into the Aire we parked on the grass, the ground was rather wet and the front wheels spun a bit. As it looked like it might rain we decided to move and park on the harder ground. It rained all night and we were really glad that we moved.
There is a small general store in front of the Aire which also sells bottled gas.

St Thomas De Conac Aire 
Stream next to the Aire
 Aire service point


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