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Friday, 25 February 2011

Day 17 Fri 25.02.2011
Location   Vale Paraiso Campsite, Costa de Pratta, Nazare
Long / Lat : N39º37.14’ W009º3.23’

On the way to this campsite we filled up with diesel at a Shell garage that also sold LPG, the garage was on the N242 Avenida Rairha Santa Isabel Martinganca GPS co-ordinates N39º41.952’ W008º58.092’
The campsite wasn’t far from the Aire we stopped at yesterday, we arrived here at about 10.00am, Paul cleaned the motorhome and I caught up with the washing.
We have been taking to a nice Dutch couple who have a dog that they rescued from Spain two years, the dog undid Pauls shoelace, apparently it’s a trick it does.
The campsite is set on a steep hill, the pitches are terraced amongst pine trees that provide welcome shade (it’s been hot again today after a foggy start). There are more permanent pitches than touring pitches, we are parked at the top of the site on a service pitch 15€ a night with the ACSI card.
The facilities are very good, it would be nice here in the summer.

Entrance to Vale Paraiso Campsite
Our Pitch

Vale Paraiso Campsite

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  1. jealous...cold and wet here not liking it much glad your having a good time lots of love xx