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Friday, 25 February 2011

Day 16 Thurs 24.02.2011

Location:  Aire Batalha
Long / Lat N39º39.685’ W008º49.516’
39.66134ºN 8.82500ºW
It’s been an strange day today we left the S. Jacinto Campsite at 9.00am,  we knew we were going to have to back track a bit as we need to find LPG and a supermarket.
We filled up with diesel and headed towards the A25 to fill up with LPG , we came across a police check point and were pulled over, there was no problem we were just asked where we were heading (we said we didn’t know and they laughed) as they spoke good English Paul asked about the new electronic toll roads. They said that they were not currently enforcing them and he told us that he has not paid when he has travelled on them (the situation could change at any time).
We found an LPG station between junctions 4 and 6  of the A25 (LPG available on both sides of the carriageway) filled up with gas no problem.
We then proceeded to the supermarket and came across another toll station which we thought was one of the new electronic ones as it didn’t have any barriers….big mistake, we were only on the road for one junction, less than 5km. When we left the motorway we were stopped and asked for our ticket (we didn’t have one) the booth operator said we have to pay 105€ as we had no ticket.

Paul got out of the van and told the man that he was not paying it and that we had only been on the road for one junction. The man said you have to pay it , and Paul said “I’m not paying you have to arrest me”. The man made a note of our registration number and waived us through without taking any money. We will have to wait and see if a fine arrives when we get back to the UK.
We found the supermarket and did our shopping then headed to the Aire at Batalha. It was quiet a long drive and we did travel on some electronic toll roads but we don’t bother about them anymore.
The Aire is in a car park next to a sports centre a short walk from the town which has a good selection of shops and the impressive 13th century monastery that is a Unesco
World Heritage site. The Aire is free, there is water and electricity.
It has been so hot and sunny today that we had to have the air con on in the van, when we stopped the temperature was 26º.

We also went into the tourist information centre and asked the girl about the new electronic toll roads and she just laughed . She said no one knew what was happing with them it’s a complete joke and it would cost her a extra 300€ a month . She was not a big fan of the new electronic toll roads , she also said the Spanish were also complaining about them .
                                                                      Aire At Batalha

Aire At Batalha


Our Route So Far

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