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Monday, 28 February 2011

Day 19 Sun 27.02.2011

Location  2nd day Parque de Campismo Municipal, Peniche

We have decided to stay in this area for a bit so that Paul can rest his ankle. However he has insisted that he is ok to cycle today.
We woke this morning to brilliant sunshine and after breakfast we set off on our bikes to check out a campsite at the far end of Peniche. The sat nav said it was about 4km to the site.
Neither of us have ridden a bike for years, think I was 8 the last time. We set of with some trepidation.
We road along by the coast, mostly on cycle paths and dirt tracks, stopping occasionally to take in the views of the magnificent coast line. We spotted some motorhomes wild camping on the cliff tops just off the coastal road.
 I was a bit wobbly tat the start and Paul had to stop and wait for me to catch up a few times but to my surprise I soon got the hang of it.
As I have no road sense I have decided that I will not ride on roads until I have fully mastered the bike riding thing and then only very quiet roads (so boys and Mum don’t worry too much). I did get off and push a few times.
The camp site is right next to the beach and looks nicer than where we are now so we will be moving there tomorrow.
On our way back we came across a large car park near the centre of Peniche opposite the fire station. There we about at least 30 motorhomes parked there, no sign of a service point and no charge for parking. It looks like most of them had been over nighting there.
Sat Nave co-ordinates taken from the car park entrance N39º21.436’ W009º22.615’

Carpark/Aire Peniche Centre

Motorhomes in Car Park

Peniche Coastline

Wild camping on Peniche Coast

Peniche Coastline

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