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Friday, 25 February 2011

Day 15 Weds 23.02.2011

Location:  2nd day. S. Jacinto, Aveiro Campsite
We woke as it was getting light and walked to the entrance of the camp site to watch the sun appear to rise from  the water.
We are camping on a sand bank with an almost land locked harbor to the east and the Atlantic to the west. The town of Aveiro (Venice of Portugal) is just across the water.
The campsite is about 30km from Aveiro by road but it’s open all year and well worth a visit if you don’t mind the detour.
This morning we decided we would walk to the town of S. Jacinto, it’s only 4km (said Paul…only!!! That’s an 8km round trip!!) So we set off, very pleasant  walk, the sun was shining, we were walking next to the water and there was a slight breeze.
After about 2km I suggested that we turn round and walk back to the van, no said Paul if we take that attitude will never see anything , so on we went.
I checked on autoroute and I think that by the time we got back to the van we had walked about 10km (I haven’t walked that far for years), Paul has a dodgy knee and wined a bit  for the last 1km (was worried that I might have to borrow the campsite cleaners hand cart and go back and fetch him) I have a huge blister on the ball of my foot (the kind of blister that I have only ever seen on a young boys foot after her has played 90 minutes of football in new boots against the best advice of his mother).
Tomorrow we are setting off again, have to find a supermarket and somewhere to buy GPL and get diesel, I’m not walking tomorrow, Paul will have to carry me lol.   
Today we found out today that our good friend Amanda is getting married to Matt (aka Rug) congratulations to both of you, wish you all the best. (Amanda, Paul said don’t forget to send ‘Runs with barley’ an invitation!)

Sunrise at S. Jacinto

Picture taken looking towards the Atlantic

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