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Friday, 25 February 2011

Day 14 Tues 22.02.2011

Location  ACSI S. Jacinto Orbitur Campsite, Aveiro, Portugal
We both work early this morning and decided to leave as soon as we were ready, set off just before 7.00 am. The snooper sat nav decided to take us on a 200km detour, not sure why. We ignored it and followed our planned route on autoroute on the laptop.
We filled up with diesel before we crossed the border as fuel prices are higher in Portugal. When we crossed the border into Portugal and we noticed the landscape changed so much, Portugal looks greener, cleaner and well looked after. We were both glad to have left Spain behind us.
We entered Portugal on the A62, drove over the mountains, another ear popping journey. As we approached junction 6 of the A62 we notice the new electronic toll signs, we ignored them and stayed on the road until out planned exit junction.
The approach road to the campsite runs along by the water for about 10km, we arrived in glorious sunshine, a very pleasant end to our journey.
We arrived at the campsite at 11.30am (Portugal are 1 hour behind Spain, same time as the UK).
We were greeted by the owner of the site, a very nice man who spoke a little English and gave us maps and a guide book for the local area. We walked around the site to look for a suitable pitch, all pitches are on grass set amongst the pine trees.

Road to the Campsite

Campsite Entrance

Pitch amongst the pine trees

We parked up put the table and chairs out and changed into t shirts and shorts as it’s so hot. From out pitch we can hear the Atlantic on one side and on the other side of the road we can just see the Ria de Aveiro.

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