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Thursday, 2 June 2011

Day 112 Tuesday 31.05.2011
Location: Stellplatz, An der Fussgangerbrucke, Zell, Mosel Valley, Germany
Long / Lat: N 50º01.779’ E 007º10.648’
Yesterday we decided that we are going to stay in the Mosel a bit longer so we planned to double back to Zell to do some shopping at the Globus and Lidl supermarkets.
It was pouring with rain when we woke this morning, it rained all morning and after lunch when the rain had eased off a bit we decided to fill with water and set off for Zell.
We filled up with diesel and LPG at the Globus service station, we used the European adaptor for the LPG.
We did our shopping and now have a fridge full of food and a garage full of beer, wine and whisky.
We are parked in the Zell stellplatz next to river, there are two stellplatze in Zell we called into the other one on day 100.
We have a view of the river and the town on the opposite bank, we’re parked on some horrible broken up tarmac stuff, we think it costs 6€ to stop here and 0.50€ for water. There is no ticket machine and no electric hook up here but it’s ok for a one night stop.
When you arrive at this stellplatz the caravan parking is to the left and motorhome parking to the right, the toilet emptying point is at the far end of the caravan parking area an awful long way to walk.
Zell An Der Fussgangerbruke Stellplatz

Zell An Der Fussgangerbruke Stellplatz


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