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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Day 124 Sun day 12.06.2011
Location:  Wohnmobilstellplatz  Zellerhof Mehring, Mosel Valley, Germany
Long / Lat N 49º47.640’ E 6º49.175’
The stellplatz is still very busy, vans squeezed in everywhere. We definitely did the right thing getting parked up for the holiday weekend.
This morning there was a religious parade from the church in the town it stopped off at the little church behind the stellplatz.
The town is decorated with flags and in the centre there are fair ground rides, food, beer and wine stalls.
There’s also a stage set up and there is live music in the evening and last night we heard the fireworks going off in the town.
Wohnmobilstellplatz  Zellerhof Mehring

Zellerhof Mehring

Zellerhof Mehring

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