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Thursday, 2 June 2011

Day 114 Thurs 02.06.2011
Location: Marina Mittelmosel Stellplatz, Neumagan-Dhron, Mosel Valley, Germany
Long / Lat: N 49º51.069’ E 6º59.584’
Today is a public holiday in Germany and the stellplatz that we stayed on last night was completely full. We left there at about 9.30 and headed for Neumagan half expecting that the stellplatz there would be full.
There is parking for 40 vans at Neumagan and when we arrived all but about half a dozen were taken. We had a bit of a mishap pulling into our parking place, backed into a plant pot thing and scraped the tow bar a bit. It was my fault but I have been retrained and in future will make sure that Paul can see me when I am watching him reverse.
The stellplatz is next to the marina, there is also a campsite a bit further up the river on the other side of the marina and this is also very busy.
There is a small circus next to the stellplatz and I now know what the funny smell I noticed when we first arrived it’s coming from the 3 camels asleep in the tent just behind our van.
This stellplatz is a bit more expensive , 11.00€ a night and a 10.00€ deposit for the key to the showers. There are showers and toilets here but we haven’t checked them out yet. There is Wi-Fi here 3.00€ for 24 hours, the connection is ok and Paul managed to upload the blog without any tantrums and only moderate cursing.
The town is built on the site of a Roman fort some of the walls are still standing. The town is fairly large we have been for a little walk and are planning to have a better look around tomorrow.
As everywhere is so busy we have decided to stay here for three nights, it always gets busy at the weekends so it’s nice to know we don’t have to think about finding somewhere to move onto for a few days.
The weather is perfect, not a cloud in the sky and a slight breeze so we are going to sit in the sunshine and chill out for a bit.

Neumagen Dhron Marina Mittlemosel Stellplatz

Neumagen Dhron Marina Mittlemosel Stellplatz

Neumagen Dhron Marina Mittlemosel Stellplatz

Campsite Next To Stellplatz

Circus Next To Stellplatz

Restaurant & Marina Next To Stellplatz

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