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Saturday, 18 June 2011

Day 129 Friday 17.06.2011
Location:  Reisemobilpark Treviris, Trier, Germany
Long / Lat  N 49º44.421’ E 6º37.491’
Last night the campsite at Schweich was very noisy, a large group of young Germans partying by the river just in front of the campsite until after 2.00am.
We managed not to over sleep this morning and Paul found someone to unlock the hookup box and unhook our cable. The three day stay cost us 49.50€, we hadn’t realized that the electricity was metered and the 15€ a night only included 5kw a day. But considering that we showered and did all of our washing in the van (the showers cost 1€) we didn’t think it was too bad.

We said goodbye to the guy in the parked next to us in the Airstream, he didn’t take up Paul’s offer to swap motorhomes but he did tell us how much he paid for it and we were shocked, a lot less than we paid for our van.
We popped into Lidl and did a bit of shopping then set off for Trier.
The stellplatz in Trier was easy to find, there’s parking for about 100 vans. Entrance  is through a barrier and you collect a camping card on the way in. You have to use your card when you get water or use the electricity but we’ve not worked it out yet.
Trier is the oldest town in Germany and is a Unesco World Heritage Site and is well worth a visit. We picked up a guide map at the stellplatz and walked the tourist route around the town. It was strange being in such a large bustling town after the small quiet towns further down the Mosel.
There are lots of well preserved Roman monuments, the symbol of the town is the Porta Nigra (Black Gate) built in the second century. There is also an elaborate thermal baths and the brick built Konstantinbasilika which was constructed in AD310 as Constantine’s throne hall. It’s a huge building which is now a protestant church.
If you are interested in history and enjoy wandering around museums then you would need more than a day to do the town justice, (also need to be with someone who doesn’t say things like ‘it’s falling down’ or ‘they should paint it white’).

 Dom St Peter, Trier
 Free camping Trier

Kaisertherman Trier

 Kurfurstliches Palais Trier

 Kurfurstliches Palais Trier

Kurfurstliches Palais Trier

 St Matthias, Trier

Mosel Trier 

 Porta Nigra, Trier

Romerbrucke Mosel, Trier
 Stellplatz Trier

 Stellplatz Trier

Stellplatz Trier

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