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Friday, 3 June 2011

Day 116 Saturday 04.05.2011
Location: Marina Mittelmosel Stellplatz, Neumagan-Dhron, Mosel Valley, Germany

Long / Lat: N 49º51.069’ E 6º59.584’

Another hot sunny day, there’s no shade at this stellplatz and yesterday it was 39º inside the motorhome.
Neumagan is an interesting place it’s built on the site of a Roman fort and there are lots of archeological finds on display in the town.
This morning we saw the Stella Noviomagi, a replica of a Roman wine ship go past. It does trips up and down the river and when it went past us the passengers were rowing to the beat of a drum.
It’s a bit surreal sitting outside in the sunshine watching a Roman wine boat sail by with the camels and llama chomping away in their tent just behind us.
Roman Wine Ship

Roman Wine Ship

Restaurant Next To Stellplatz





The Camels on The Pitch Behind Us


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  1. Enjoying the updates on your blog, you are working your way around quite nicely and Germany looks beautiful!