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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Day 62 Monday 11.04.2011
Location:  Aire Peniscola – La Mersera
Long / Lat  N 40º23.853’ E 000º24.797’
We filled up with diesel just after we set off 1.31€ ltr.
We headed off with Charile, Carol and Henry for a wild camping spot in Peniscola co-ordinates N 39º47.371  E 000º08.314’. Charlie took the lead today. This spot is a car park on the sea front near the marina, we arrived at lunchtime and decided it wasn’t suitable for an overnight stop as the car park was busy and most of the large bays were being used by coaches. It may be possible to overnight here earlier in the year or if you arrived early evening.
We decided to move onto La Mersera, the nearby aire. The Aire is just behind the Hotel Peniscola Plaza and is just a short walk from the beach.
There are toilets, a cold shower, water, waste and toilet dumps. The rear of the aire has electricity.
The sign outside said 6€ but when Charlie questioned the owner we were told this was for cars, Charlie called him a bandit and he laughed.
It costs 9€ for 24 hours motorhome parking and an extra 1€ if you want electricity.
The sea front is lovely, nice beach, restaurants and low rise hotels, closed to cars with a cycle path running the entire length.
There a several supermarkets nearby, we checked out the nearby Lidl but is wasn’t a good one.

 Free Camping Peniscola – La Mersera

Aire Peniscola – La Mersera

Aire Peniscola – La Mersera

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