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Thursday, 28 April 2011

Day 74 Sat 23.04.2011
Location:  Aigues Mortes Aire
Long / Lat: N 43º33.963’ E 004º11.138’ 
It’s poured with rain all night, when we woke this morning we decided to do a longer drive today and not to head for the nearby Aire we had picked out yesterday.
We set off just after 9.00am in torrential rain heading for Aigues Mortes a small walled town with a port just to the east of Montpellier. The roads were busy today as it’s a holiday weekend.
We both got soaked when we stopped to buy croissants and bread but we were starving so it was worth it.
The Aire is next to the Marina we have view of the boats and the town ramparts on the opposite bank of the river. The sun has just come out, the aire is actually quiet nice.
Entry to the Aire is through a barrier, 12€ for 24 hours which seems a bit expensive. Pay by credit card on the way in. Not sure how you would pay if you stop for more than 24 hours. This includes water and waste but no electricity.

Aire At Aigues Mortes
Aire At Aigues Mortes

River By Aire At Aigues Mortes

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