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Friday, 1 April 2011

Day 50 Weds 30.03.2011
Location:  Aire, Odissea Camp Area, Denia 

Long / Lat N N 38º52.13’  W  000 º 00.54’

It’s so hot today 32º in the motorhome 26 º outside.
We have been for a walk on the beach which is just across the road from the Aire.
This afternoon we cycled to a nearby Chine
se restaurant for a late lunch with Rosemarie and Brian. Rosemary led the way and Brian brought up the rear, it was comforting to hear his occasional cries of ‘You’re ok Lynne I’ve got your back’. The food wasn’t great but the company was good and we all ate loads.
When we got back we had drinks with Rosemarie and Brian in their van, we were sensible and didn’t drink too much today.
Sand dunes on the way to the beach

Beach just across the road from the Aire



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