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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Day 49 Tues 29.03.2011
Location:  Aire Odissea Camp Area, Denia 

Long / Lat N N 38º52.13’  W  000 º 00.54’

We said goodbye to Lyn and Ian at Kiko and wished them a safe journey back to the UK.

Thanks to both of you for a great night, so pleased that we met you but Paul is a bit upset that you drank his vintage wine.
We headed to the Odissea Aire to meet up with a group of people from the Motorhome Facts Internet Forum.
The drive to the Odissea Aire only took about 30 minutes.
The aire is quite busy but there is a sign informing visitors that the back half is reserved for the MHF meet from 4 April.
When we arrived we were pleased to see another Brit motorhome already parked up. Bryan and Rosemary are also here for the meet. (User name ‘Snail’)
We spent all afternoon with them sitting in the sun drinking far too much, tomorrow we are all planning to ride our bikes to the local Chinese restaurant. It will be ok because I think Rosemary’s cycling skills are on a par with mine.
Odissea Aire

Odissea Aire

Entrance Odissea Aire

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  1. Hope you have a good time meeting all of those 'internet' folk. Think of us busy at work back in the UK eh!