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Saturday, 5 March 2011

Day 24 Fri 04.03.2011
Location  Barragem Pego do Alta

It’s so peaceful here and it’s free so we decided to stay for a  few more nights.
A few vans pulled out this morning so we moved to a better spot in the sun next to the lake.
Paul spent the morning in the sunshine cleaning the roof of the van, he actually spent more time taking than cleaning but he got it done in the end.
We had lunch with Steve and Launa in the nearby restaurant, I had fried rabbit it was yummy, we all drank rather a lot of red wine and eventually wobbled our way back down the hill to our vans.
The sun was shining and we spent the rest of the afternoon chatting and drinking more wine, more people pulled up their chairs and joined us.
By the time the sun went down everyone was a little worse for wear and we all staggered of to bed.
Note for Adrian: We bought new bikes with full size wheels!

View From Cab Window


Barragem Pego do Alta

 Barragem Pego do Alta

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