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Monday, 28 March 2011

Day 48 Monday 28.03.2001
Location: Day 6 at Kiko Park Campsite, Calle Del Assagador De Carro, Olivia  (ACSI Camping Card)
Long / Lat  N 38º55.954’ W 000º05.889
Last day at Kiko Park, we leave for Denia tomorrow.
Another hot sunny day but rather windy this morning, we cycled into town to stock up with food as we’re not sure how easy it will be to get to a shop while we’re at Denia and the supermarkets around here don’t seem to have carparks that we can easily access (we don’t want a repeat of the Lidl incident).
It was hard work peddling into town against the wind, Paul had to stop and wait for me a few times.
We are all packed up ready to move tomorrow. Kiko Park is a lovely site but we will be glad to move on, don’t think we could stay on one site all winter, we have itchy feet.

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  1. we did a month long stay at camping almafre near l'altas on our last trip. far to long. the majority of fellow campers were there for six months! the only benefit we could see was a cheaper rate per night. lessons to be learnt.