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Thursday, 10 March 2011

Day 30 Thurs 10.03.2011
Location: 2nd day  Valverde Campsite, near Lagos

It rained during the night and this morning the it’s overcast and cooler.
After breakfast we got the bikes out, we’d head that there’s a cycle path into Lagos but we couldn’t find it. The road into the town is quite busy and not very wide. We wouldn’t recommend that you cycle or walk into town as there’s no path or road side verge for much of the route.
We have a few jobs to do today before heading further along the Algarve.
We have noticed that the motorhome service point has only one tap that is supposed to be for filling your tank with fresh water but some people are using it to rinse their toilet cassettes. It served as a reminder to always clean the tap before you fill your tank and drink bottled water not the water from the tank.
We’d both like to thank everyone who has taken the time to read our blog, we hope it’s not too boring and that the motorhome owners amongst you find some of the information useful.

Our Pitch Valverde Campsite


  1. Hi Paul and Lynne,
    "Boring" !! No way.On the contrary, thanks for taking the time to write this blog. We're really enjoying following your travels and it makes us even more eager to follow in your footsteps in our motorhome once time permits and work stops getting in the way.
    Also it's great to have the co-ordinates to save for the future.
    Enjoy your travels,
    Angie and Keith

  2. This is an excellent blog site diary, you write in what i consider a normal manner, you tell it like it is from things you do, injured feet, biccle rides, washing clothes etc. all the normal stuff we want to hear about. I like the GPS co-ordinates and descriptions of Wildcamping spots, Aires and sites you visit. If you rememebr it would also be useful to know how much you pay for fuel and LPG refills and the GPS co-ords are a brilliant addition. We are not fulltiming yet but I like your blog because I too have a large vehicle, Autotrail Comanche, Tag Axle, 8.7Meters long so where you go I know I can go.

    Enjoy your adventures

    eric & Sharon

  3. Still loving your BLOG nice to know where you are in the world ..Mum and Dad enjoy knowing your safe and well too ...take care Love Sharon XXX
    (oh and I can only comment as Sam ..boys send you their love and hugs too