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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Day 26 Sun 06.03.2011
Location  Barragem Pego do Alta 4th day
We decided to stay at the Barragem for a 4th night, this is the longest we have stayed in one place since we left the UK.
The weather was better today, Paul rummaged around in the garage and located the missing bracket for the cycle luggage rack, we thought we may have left it behind at the last site. I was so pleased that he found it before he threw the rest of the rack away.
Following an amazing feat of engineering we now have a rack that we can fix the saddle bags to so we won’t have to hang shopping bags from the handle bars again.
After lunch we sat outside with a bottle of wine, Dot and Ray and another couple came over and joined us so we spent the rest of the day chatting and drinking wine. Dot cooked us a lovely chicken curry and brandy snaps with cream and raspberries for pudding. When the sun went down we retired to their RV for the rest of the evening.

Barragem Pego do Alta

Bob's Homemade Washing Line LOL


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