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Thursday, 17 March 2011

Day 33 Sun 13.03.2011
Location: Faro, car park just outside the town wall
No charge for parking here.
Long / Lat N 37º00.683 W 007º55.941
We left Praia da Rocha, Portimao just after  9.00, the Aire attendant doesn’t come on duty until then and we wanted to fill with water before we left.
It was pouring with rain when we set off but it’s Sunday and the roads were quiet. We travelled most of the way on the A22 which at the time of writing was still a toll free motorway.
The end of the journey was a bit tricky, we left the A22 at junction 13 and ended up driving down a couple of very narrow streets in the middle of town. It may have been easier to exit at junction 14 as the car park seems to be on the eastern side of the town.
When we arrived there were only a couple of motorhomes parked here, it’s 6.30 now and there are 11 vans parked up for the night. The car park is quiet now but during the day there were planes from Faro airport passing overhead and a train passing by about once an hour. Nothing major and a bit of a novelty.
We wouldn’t want to stay for more than one night but Faro is well worth a visit. The car park is next to the old town wall and a short walk from the marina and the main shopping area.
There are plenty of shops and restaurants, free wifi in the town square and a McDonalds with fast free wifi access.
There are no motorhome facilities here so if you visit make sure you have water.
The sun came out this afternoon, we sat outside with a glass of wine and watched the French motorhomers leveling their vans, a pastime we have come to enjoy and look forward to.
We were pleasantly surprised when the Dutch couple with the dog that unties shoelaces pulled in. Such a nice couple and Paul and the dog get on so well.
We will be leaving Portugal soon as we have arranged to meet up with some friends in Denia in Spain in early April. We will be sorry to leave Portugal as we would both have loved to spend more time exploring this beautiful country. We have missed so much due to time limits and I’m sure we will be back one day.
Sorry we don’t have time to reply to those of you who have left comments on out blog, our internet access is limited but we really love reading them.
Not sure who asked but we filled with super diesel on the A22, 1.51€ per ltr (shocking) it’s gone up since we arrived in Portugal and it’s cheaper off the motorways.
5 ltrs of red wine 7€
1ltr bottle of larger 0.75€
1ltr of Grants Whiskey 13€

Fresh pork and chicken are also very cheap so we feel this kind of offsets the high cost of fuel.

                             Big Birds Of Faro


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