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Sunday, 13 March 2011

Day 32 Sat 12.03.2011
Location:  2nd day Praia da Rocha Large Motorhome parking area next to marina
Today we have walked along the boardwalk next to the beach, there are lots of bars and restaurants on the beachfront and along by the marina. We ate at one of the restaurants last night.
There is a small store selling milk, bread, groceries and alcohol just before the beach.
The beach is beautiful, golden sand and gentle waves, very different to the Atlantic coast that we have just left behind.
We also cycled along by the marina and into the town as far as the railway bridge, cycle paths all the way, lots more bars and restaurants. We got caught in a rain shower but the sun is out again now and we have been sitting outside in shorts and t shirts.
There is no shade in the Aire, it would be too hot here in midsummer.
The gates to the parking area are closed at night and there appears to be someone who patrols the area at nighttime. The parking area is lit at night.
We have bumped into the Dutch couple with the dog that unties shoelaces again. This morning while we were swapping information about parking places their dog mugged Paul and stole the bit of paper with the sat nav co-ordinates. It took a while to corner that dog and get the soggy bit of paper back, me and Paul couldn’t stop laughing while the Dutchman chased his dog.

                                           Praia da Rocha

Praia da Rocha
Praia da Rocha


  1. Wondered whether you would be willing to join (free)/ contribute to This is a website dedicated to Fulltimers/Long termers and those with a general interest in 'Living the Dream'. As you are currently out there and doing it so to speak you could provide a lot of up to date information for the other members for which at present there are just over 200.

  2. think we need a picture of the dog next time you meet them ..... please XXXX