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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Day 29 Weds 09.03.2011
Location: Valverde Campsite, near Lagos

Long / Lat N 37º05.59’  W 008º43.40’

It's 4 weeks today since we left the UK.
As we are running low on water and have a bag full of washing we decided to have a couple of nights at a campsite.
We left Sagres just before 9.00 and stopped at the Intermarche on the way out of town for milk, bread and some croissants for breakfast. We also bought six 5ltr bottles of water to use when we can’t find anywhere to fill up.
It was a short drive to this campsite, about 40 minutes. The site is on a slope with trees, tarmac roads and sandy pitches. We are parked under some trees as all of the sunny pitches are occupied, the site is quite busy.
There is free Wi-Fi, the washing machines are 4€ and the shower blocks  look ok. Paul always checks out the showers first and reports back if the water is hot and how to control the temperature.
We have done the washing and dried it outside, it was sunny this morning but now it looks like rain. We were going to BBQ some chicken but I think we will cook in the van tonight.
Our Route to date

      Our Location

                                  Valverde Campsite, near Lagos

Valverde Campsite, near Lagos

Entrance Valverde Campsite, near Lagos


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