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Sunday, 27 March 2011

Day 47 Sun 27.03.2011
Location: Day 5 at Kiko Park Campsite, Calle Del Assagador De Carro, Olivia  (ACSI Camping Card)
Long / Lat  N 38º55.954’ W 000º05.889
We spent a very pleasant evening with Lyn and Ian the couple on the pitch next to us, we drank far too much cheap wine and beer, Paul tried his 0.55€ 1 ltr carton of white wine and enjoyed it so much he’s getting a couple more tomorrow.  
We woke up this morning feeling a little but under the weather. It’s another warm sunny day, Paul has been on the roof of the motorhome to clean it and has caught the sun.
The van is now clean and shiny inside and out, all ready for Deina on Tuesday.
This afternoon we have been for a walk along the beach in shorts and t shirts, it’s been a lovely day.
The sky has clouded over a bit and the wind is getting up so we have taken the carpet up before it blows away.
The bright pink tripe sausages that Paul bought by mistake yesterday have been consigned to the bin, neither of us could face eating them.

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