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Saturday, 26 March 2011

Day 46 Sat 26.03.2011
Location: Day 4 at Kiko Park Campsite, Calle Del Assagador De Carro, Olivia  (ACSI Camping Card)
Long / Lat  N 38º55.954’ W 000º05.889
We both woke early this morning, we managed to get to the laundry room before anyone else and washed and dried the bed linen by 8am. It gets a bit competitive in the laundry room.
Later we cycled along by the river into town, Paul pointed to the river and said “Oh look, there’s load of fish in the river” so I looked and rode my bike straight into the back of him. I didn’t realize that he had stopped to look at the fish.
I have a big bruise on my knee and a scrape on my leg and the basket on my bike got a bit dented but apart from that I’m ok. I don’t think he will distract me again while we’re on the bikes.
It’s hot again today but we’re getting a bit restless. We aren’t due to leave here until Tuesday.

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