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Thursday, 17 March 2011

Day 37 Thurs 17.03.2011
Location: Alto de Vinuelas , Beas de Granada, Andalucia, Spain  (ACSI campsite page 637 site number 1758)
Long / Lat : N 37º13.29’ W 003º29.19’
This morning we left as the sun was rising, we have a long journey so I had made some rolls (bread buns in Geordie talk) last night and I cut them up so Paul can just stuff them in his mouth while he is driving.
We were both a bit sad to be leaving Portugal, the people are lovely, we can’t understand a word they say but many Portuguese also speak French.

We had our best times in Portugal at the Bgem Pego do Alta with Steve ,Lorna ,Ray and Dot (special thanks to Dot for the food and haircuts )and Lorna you are a light weight lol, hope to meet you all again and the drinks will be on us next time.
It was a short drive from the aire to the A22, we both laughed at the pictorial sign banning horse drawn carts from the motorway.
It was motorway all the way to Sevilla, the ring road around Servile was very busy, you had to have your wits about you as it was six lanes of fast moving traffic at times .
As we got nearer to Granada a car towing a trailer loaded with trees over turned  about 500 yards  in front of us blocking both lanes. The people in front of us got out of their cars and cleared the carriageway and then we were  on our way again.
We are now parked up in a lovely site with amazing views of the Sierra Nevada (the highest mountain range in Spain) from our pitch we can see snow capped mountains while we have been sitting outside in the sunshine.
To be honest we would not come here in peak season as the pitches are difficult to get onto due the terraces.
There is a lovely girl in reception who speaks excellent English,I have chatted to her and she told me we are 1200 meters above sea level and it was snowing here two weeks ago.

Our Pitch Alto de Vinuelas

Alto de Vinuelas

Main Gate Alto de Vinuelas

 Mountains At Alto de Vinuelas

View From Our Pitch At Alto de Vinuelas


  1. Have just spent the last hour reading your blog. Just like to state you are living that dream. The blog contains lots of usful and interesting information.

    It is encouraging to hear others taking large motorhomes not intentionally down small streets!!!!! I thought I was the only one who continually ends up were I should not be.

    Extremely interesting, all good stuff, Cant wait for the next installment.

    Good Luck and safe travelling.

  2. Just caught up with your last 3-4 days of posts. Everytime I read them it changes my mind about 'Wildcampng' and 'Aires' which means that I can adjust my 'budget calculations' and makes the dream become that little bit more realistic. Fantastic Photo's, not just the scenery but of your van and the places you stay, takes away a lot of my pre-conceived, and totally unfounded, anxieties. Looking forward to next installments :0)