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Thursday, 28 April 2011

Day 77 Tuesday 26.04.2011
Location:  Laudun L’Ardoise Aire
Long / Lat: N 44º06.224’ E 004º39.829’
Today we got up early to miss the morning rush to use the service point, when the vans start queuing they block our access to the exit barrier.
We were all packed up and ready to leave by 7.30am but the van wouldn’t start, flat battery again. Fortunately Paul managed to jump start the van from the leisure batteries which were fully charged. This is the second time this has happened and we are now thinking that we should replace the 18 month old vehicle battery.
First stop was Intermarche for food and water but as we had half an hour before they opened we drove about 10km up the road to charge the battery a bit.
We managed to get the shopping and fill up with diesel 1.35€ ltr and LPG 0.82€ ltr. Garage co-ordinates N 44º06.224’ E 004º39.820’. We were a bit anxious about the battery but the van started without a problem.
It was a pleasant drive here, the aire is located in the grounds of a wine producer on the edge a pretty village. The aire is free, there is a drive over dump point, manhole cover to empty loo and a fresh water tap, parking is amongst the trees on hard standing or grass.
The aire backs onto the vineyard and there are nice views of the village. There is a small supermarket with a bakers a couple a minutes up the road. The staff in the wind shop are very friendly and welcoming, they have been chatting away to us in French (our French is not very good but we smiled and nodded and they seemed happy with that).

The aire is located south of Orange and is not far off the N580. It’s a very pleasant peaceful spot to spend the night, I think we need some quiet after 3 days surrounded by noisy Italian families with dozens of children.

Laudun L’Ardoise Aire
Laudun L’Ardoise Aire

Laudun L’Ardoise

Laudun L’Ardoise Aire

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