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Friday, 22 April 2011

Day 68 Sunday 17.04.2001
Location: Aire Luecate Plage
Long / Lat : N 42º54.010’ E 003 º03.167’
We were all glad to leave Blains this morning. Today we headed back into France. This will probably be our last stop with Charlie and Carol.
We stayed off the toll roads again, as we approached the border the road got very busy, lots of small towns with shops selling cheap cigarettes and alcohol. We had a couple of breath holding moments driving through road works and passing a coach on a narrow road.
If we come this way again I think we would try to avoid a Sunday as it looked like half of France had come out for a day shopping.
When we arrived at the Aire at Leucate the entrance barrier was up so we weren’t able to get a ticket, not sure how we will get out if the barrier is closed when we leave here. The Aire is very busy it filled up really quickly after we arrived, lots of French vans here..
 We are parked right on the beach with an amazing sea view. The Aire costs 7.20€ for 24 hours, there is no charge for water of waste.

There is another Aire across the road, same price but no sea views

Aire Luecate Plage

Aire Luecate Plage

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