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Saturday, 9 April 2011

Days 53 to 58 Sat 2 April to Thursday 7 April
Location:  Odissea Camp Area, Denia 
Long / Lat  38º52.217’  W  000 º 00.900’
The weather had been fantastic, sunshine everyday.
The aire is run by a young Spanish couple Ruben and Rebecca a very welcoming and helpful. The toilets and showers are spotless and the washing machine is only 3€.
There is a German bar with a swimming pool just outside the aire, the beer is great but we were disappointed with the food.
There are several restaurants and tapas bars just a short walk away.
Ken who set up the meet has organized several trips to local restataunts, a bike ride and a day out in Benidorm. On Thursday Rebecca and Ruben arranged for the ladies who run the local tapas bar to come to the Aire and cook paella for all of us.
We have had met a lovely couple, Carol and Charlie who are also Geordies and we have decided that we will leave here tomorrow (Friday) and travel with them for a bit.
Neil who is parked next to us runs a motorhome website and has very kindly given us the co ordinates for a wild camping spot just up the coast so that’s where we will head for tomorrow.

                                          Odissea Camp Area

Odissea Camp Area


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