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Saturday, 9 April 2011

Days 60 Sat 09.04.2011
Location:  Wild Camping Tavernes de la Valldigna
Long / Lat:  N 39º04.921’  W 000º12.882’
It’s so hot today. The temperature outside is 37º inside the van is 40º.
The beach is just couple of minutes from where we’re parked but today it’s too hot to walk there. We are going to walk to the super market which is about 10 minutes away later when it’s a bit cooler.
Henry has found a small gap in the fence around the lemon grove behind our vans and had popped in for a bit of exploring but has been told off by Carol and Charlie.

                                             Beach At Tavernes de la Valldigna

 Beach At Tavernes de la Valldigna

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  1. There you go...... told you you'd like it ;-)