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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Day 79 Thursday 28.04.2011
Location:  Arlbosc Aire, Rhone-Alps, France
Long / Lat: N 45º02.246’ E 004º39.201’
We stopped for bread just before Valence, found a Wi-Fi hotspot and managed to update the blog.
When we came out of Valence the mountains started to get bigger, we drove through some lovely little towns and villages, we passed a medieval castle built into the side of the mountain.
The roads were winding, narrow and very steep at times, we crossed lots of narrow bridges over gorges where there was only room for one vehicle to pass. The views were breath taking but sometimes we were so high up I didn’t want to look down. We passed a sign that said we were at an altitude of 757m above sea level.
The aire we are staying at tonight is in the middle of a pretty mountain village next to the boules pitch, there is a service point with drinking water and a dump point, there is no charge for parking here. The ground is not level and the aire is not that pretty but it’s quiet and it’s free. In the last week we have paid 12€ at an aire and made a donation of 2€ to park at the aire yesterday, that’s less than it would cost to stay on a CL for one night in the UK.

   Arlbosc Aire  Rhone-Alps

Arlbosc Aire, Rhone-Alps

Arlbosc , Rhone-Alps

Arlbosc , Rhone-Alps

Our Location

Our Route

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