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Friday, 13 May 2011

Day 93 Thursday 12.05.2011
Location:  Nurtingen-Oberensingen, Germany
Long / Lat: N 48º38.192’ E 009º19.844’
Today we went for the guided tour of the Dethleffs factory in Isny. I think we were the only people on the tour who weren’t fluent in German and our guide spoke only in German. We were taken to the canteen and given coffee and bagels while we listened to a presentation (in German).
We were shown around the entire factory, some of it was a bit boring (looking at bits of wood and watching a lady assemble a cabinet) but it was interesting to see the motorhomes being assembled on the production line.
You are asked not to take photos in the factory but Paul and a guy from the Netherlands took some anyway. We will post these on a separate page when we have a good internet connection.
The tour started at 9.15 and ended just after midday. We had some lunch and set off for Memmington which is about an hour from Isny but when we arrived there we couldn’t find the stellplatz. We have found that some of the co-ordinates in the Bord Atlas are not very accurate and the locations pre loaded onto our snooper sat nav are not always reliable.
As it was pouring with rain we decided to push onto Nurtingen-Oberensingen not far from Stuttgart. Motorway almost all the way, the sat navs got a bit confused but we found the stellplatz eventually.
We are parked in a large car park surrounded by trees, plenty of space for large motorhomes, 5€ for 24 hours, 1€ for 100 ltrs of water and 1€ for 12 hours electricity. It has stopped raining and the sun is out, not sure if we will go into the town as we are both a bit tired (old and lazy).
Nurtingen-Oberensingen Stellplatz

Nurtingen-Oberensingen Stellplatz

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