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Friday, 13 May 2011

Day 91 Tuesday 10.05.2011
Location: Dethleffs Factory Stellplatz, Isny, Germany
Long / Lat: N 47º42.112’ E 10º03.090’
We had a quiet day today, we were going to move to another stellplatz for a few days and come back here for our factory visit on Thursday but we have decided to stay here for a few days as it’s free for Dethleffs owners.
It’s quiet interesting watching the base vehicles coming in and the finished motorhomes going out. The stellplatz is very busy mostly with people who are getting work done at the service centre.
We have found that a lot of supermarkets and fuel stations will not accept our Caxton card, we had no problems in any of the other countries we have visited.
Dethleffs Factory

Dethleffs Factory Stellplatz

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