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Sunday, 22 May 2011

Day 97 Monday 16.05.2011
Location: Kobern-Gondorf Stellplatz, Mosel Valley, Germany
Long / Lat : N 50º18.347’ E 007º27.637’
Today is our first day in the Mosel Valley and it’s raining. We drove for about 2 ½ hours to the Stellplatz at Kobern-Stellplzatz just south of Koblenz.
We are parked in a motorhome cark park right next to the Mosel River, 5€ a night with drinking water 1€ and a service point.
The town is a 10 minute walk from the stellplatz, lots of pavement cafés, restaurants and beer gardens. We found a small supermarket and a baker just up the hill from where we are parked.
There are vine groves clinging to the steep sides of the valley on both banks of the river and on the hill top behind the town there is a ruined castle. I think we’re going to like the Mosel if it stops raining.
This is a very noisy parking place, there is a busy road and railway line next to stellplatz and we didn’t get a good night’s sleep, also due to the steep valley and big trees we couldn’t get a sat signal so we treated ourselves to a 1ltr carton of red wine for 0.95€ and a bottle of Old Boy finest blend whiskey for 6€.
Adrian, I almost forgot… answer to your enquiry……since we drove off the train in Calais in February we have driven a total of 4,509 miles and only about 150 of them were in the wrong direction!

Kobern-Gondorf Stellplatz, Mosel Valley, Germany

Kobern-Gondorf Stellplatz

Kobern-Gondorf Stellplatz

Kobern-Gondorf Stellplatz


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