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Friday, 13 May 2011

Day 90 Monday 09.05.2011
Location: Dethleffs Factory Stellplatz, Isny, Germany

Long / Lat: N 47º42.112’ E 10º03.090’
When we arrived in Isny we stopped at the town stellplatz co-ordinates N 41º41.671’ E 10º02.299’, this stellplatz in not far from the centre of town in a pretty spot next to a stream, unfortunately when we stopped there the road next to the stellplatz was being dug up to lay some pipes so it was dusty and noisy.
Today has been a very long day, this morning we called in at the Dethleffs service centre in Isny as we had a few jobs that needed doing on the motorhome. We weren’t sure where the service centre was so Paul asked a German couple parked next to us who gave us directions.
We didn’t expect to get the work done today but we were given an estimate and were told that they could do the work this afternoon. Co-ordinates for service centre N 47º42.045 E 10º02.879’.       
The staff at the service centre were very helpful and the man who looked after us spoke good English.
We also called into reception at the factory to see if we could change the date of our factory visit as we had booked for the end of May. We are now going for a look around this Thursday.
It’s been very hot again today and we both have tired feet after walking around the town for 3 hours while the work was done on the motorhome.
The Dethleffs factory is just around the corner from the service centre so we decided to stay at the stellplatz there rather than drive back into the town at 5pm.
To get to the stellplatz you go through the south gate and the motorhome parking is in the far corner of the car park.
Isny Town Stellplatz
Stream behind Isny Town Stellplatz

Dethleffs Factory Stellplatz Isny

Dethleffs Service Centre Isny

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