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Friday, 6 May 2011

Day 85 Wednesday 04.05.2011
Location: Kaysersberg Aire, Alsace, Eastern France
Long / Lat : N 40º08.186’ E 007º15.726’     
This morning we set off for an aire in Thann, co-ordinateds N 47º48.647’ E007º06.290’. The aire was in a corner of a busy car park in the centre of the town. We managed to park but the bays were rather short and we were in danger of getting blocked in and decided to move on. A German motorhomer told us we were too big and must park across the bays, I think he was trying to be nice but it sounded like an order.If you were planning to stay here you would be better to arrive early evening when the car park would be quieter.
We set off again and stopped for lunch in a car park just across the road from a MacDonalds and managed to update the blog.
Our second stop was at the aire in Soultz Haut Rhin, co-ordinates N 47º53.314’     E 007º13.917’. This was also a car park next to a busy road and as it was still early we moved on again.
Our third stop was at the Westhalten Soultzmatt aire, we missed the turning for the aire and drove right through the town. We had to do a little detour up a track that was just the width of the van as there was nowhere to turn around. We drove back through the town and pulled into the large car park about 100m on from the aire as the parking bays are very small. Co-ordinates N 47º57.426’ E 007º15.010’. The town is amazing, almost every other building on the main street is a wine cave, it’s a really pretty town with lots of old interesting buildings.  We are now on the Route des vines d’Alsace, we have never seen so many vineyards and caves in one place.
On the way to our fourth and final stop we passed the statue of liberty sitting in the middle of a huge roundabout, we also saw a roundabout planted with vines. We are now parked up for the night at the Kaysersberg aire. I’m very tired after all of the travelling, going to hide the keys to the van so we can stay here for another night.
The town looks pretty, there’s a small castle on the hill behind the town and vines behind the aire. We will explore tomorrow after a good nights sleep.
Aire At Kayserberg
Aire At Kayserberg

Aire At Kayserberg

Aire At Soultz Haut Rhin

Aire At Thann

Aire At Thann

River Behind Aire At Thann
River Behind  Aire At Thann

Aire At Westhalten Soultzmatt

Parking By Aire At Westhalten Soultzmatt


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