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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Day 82 Sunday 01.05.2011
Location:  Orgelet Aire, Eastern France
Long / Lat: N 46º31.324’ E 005º36.436’
We set off early heading for the aire at La Mercantine co-ordinates N 46º27.892’  E 005º41.310’.
When we left the aire we turned right onto the road that runs around the lake. This was a big mistake, after a couple of hundred yards we passed a 3.5 tonne weight limit sign (no chance of turning around) the road got narrower with passing places. At the end of the road there is a very narrow bridge just a fraction wider than the motorhome, we  managed to squeeze across it with a few inches to spare on each side but scraped the drivers  mirror against the fence. 
If you stay at this aire turn left when you leave and go back through the town.
The aire at La Mercantine is on the shore of a beautiful lake in the mountains but when we arrived we realized that it was almost full and we are a little too long to park there.
We set off again for our backup aire at Orgelet, the drive was fairly easy, we arrived here at 9.00am, found a bakers and had breakfast.
The aire is in a small village in a car park set amongst grass and trees. There is water and a service point, no charge for parking.
La Mercantine Aire

La Mercantine Aire

La Mercantine Lake

Orgelet Aire

Orgelet Aire

Orgelet Aire

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