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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Day 81 Saturday 30.04.2011
Location:  Nantua Aire, Eastern France
Long / Lat: N 46º09.303’ E 005º35.782’
When we woke this morning the mist on the lake was so thick we couldn’t see the opposite shore, it was rather eerie. At about 8.00am the Municipal police stopped at the aire to collect our 5€ parking fee.
By the time we were ready to move the van to fill up with water the mist had almost completely cleared.
We walked around the lake and into the centre of the village for bread, there is a large memorial next to the lake dedicated to local French resistance fighters and a sculpture depicting a Neanderthal tomb. I think this little town may have an interesting history but our French is not good enough to read the information signs that are written only in French.
Important note: Anyone staying at this aire, when you leave the aire do not turn right, this road has a 3.5 tonne weight limit, at the end of the road is a very narrow bridge, just a fraction wider than our motorhome.
Nantua Lake

Nantua Lake

Nantua Lake

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