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Friday, 13 May 2011

Day 88 Saturday 07.05.2011
Location:  Singen Stellplatz, Germany
Long / Lat: N 47º45.35’ E 008º49.40’
We were woken early this morning by the noisy crows. Before we left we paid 1€ for 50ltrs of water and set off at about 7.30am.
We filled with diesel (1.38€ ltr) at a nearby Jet service station which also sold LPG co-ordinates N 48º06.484’ E 007º51.040’ then set off for a Stellplatz at Radolfzell a town on the shore of Lake Constance. There are only 10 parking places and when we arrived they were all full so we set off for our back up at Singen.
The Singen Stellplatz is on the edge of a large car park next to a pretty park with a stream running through it. There is, once again, a train line running behind the parking area but we can’t hear the trains over the racket from the market set up in the centre of the car park (German pop music being played by a market stall selling CD’s).
There are several stalls selling fast food,  seafood, German sausages, pork burgers and chips with all sorts of stuff on them. We were hungry when we arrived so Paul had chips and I had a pork burger. There is also a restaurant and bar behind the car park
This afternoon we walked through the park into the town, we didn’t find a supermarket but we managed to get some milk for a butchers/deli that had a stall in front of the shop selling German sausages in buns. I’m ashamed to admit that we both had an enormous sausage in a bun, very tasty.
There is no charge for parking here but we have paid 1€ for 12 hours electricity

Radolfzell Stellplatz

Landesgartenschaugelande Singen Stellplatz
Landesgartenschaugelande Singen Stellplatz

Landesgartenschaugelande Singen Stellplatz Market

Park Next To Stellplatz

Landesgartenschaugelande Singen
Park Next To Stellplatz

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