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Friday, 13 May 2011

Day 89 Sunday 08.05.2011
Location:  Lindau Stellplatz, Germany
Long / Lat :  N 47º33.30’ E 009º42.03’
We drove through some beautiful countryside on the way to Lindau, for some our route the road was running alongside the shore of Lake Constance. We were surprised how busy the roads were this morning, it’s a lovely sunny day and lots of families seem to be heading for the lake.
The stellplatz we had stopped at is in a park and ride car park, it’s expensive, about 17€ for 24 hour parking, 0.50€ for water, the bays are long and it’s quiet. There are plenty of trees so you can park in the shade.
There is a Lidl about five minutes walk away and there is a garage opposite Lidl that sells GPL.
This afternoon we walked to Lake Constance and over the causeway to the island city of Lindau. An interesting town but very busy.

Lake Constance
Lake Constance at Lindau
Lindau Stellplatz

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